Sometimes when I’m on a plane, I look down at a river and think, “Wow, that looks like my Sand Art.” Indeed, the fractal patterns I find on the beach are nature’s patterns on a micro and macro scale. I have the resources to pursue them on the micro level, and now I’ve found a photographer who captures them, with astounding skill and artistry, on a macro scale.

He is Andre Ermolaev, a Russian photographer based in Moscow who has traveled throughout the world, but whose portfolios of the rivers and iceflows in Iceland are unique. He has a site on 500px that’s in English, and his home site in Russian at

This is representative of Ermolaev’s aerial photography images from Iceland. He has a number of these on his 500px site, and many more on his Russian site. His general landscape work, as you can see below, is outstanding as well.

I asked Andre for some more information about his work. Here is his response:

Most of these pictures were taken during several flights by a small plane of “Cessna” in the summer of 2011-2013. I made shots simply from the open window from the height of about 50-150 meters. The main area of flights — is the southern coast of the island and it’s central highland region.
Patterns of nature are so amazing that almost nobody can say at once what do we see on the photograph. And they ask: what is this? This… this is our life…

Exactly, and that is why, I suppose, I find them so appealing.

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