I’m always on the lookout for photographers who do abstract work that I find inspirational. A few years ago, one of my images, Red Rocks and Trees, was nominated in the Nature category for the Second Annual Photography Master’s Cup. I was looking through the winners in the Abstract category, and came across C.E. Morse, from Cumberland Center, Maine.

The Artist Statement on his web site sums up his outlook quite well:

Random events throughout our lives shape our vision. Abstract images can connect with this past, both consciously & subconsciously. I am intrigued by observing the collusion of nature & man as it accidentally creates art. I hunt for this art in the wild; visual landscapes you might overlook, that would be deemed ugly: erosion, collision, rust, and rot, yet when presented without identification they can be beautiful, seductive, and emotionally evocative.”

I, as you may have noticed, place a lot of weight on the titles to my work. I do this because I’m hoping to stir the imagination of the viewer, who may or may not agree with my interpretation.

C.E. Morse takes a different approach, preferring “to leave the first impression of my work unencumbered by the influence of subject recognition to elicit an undistracted reaction based upon the viewer’s own personal experience.”

I don’t think there’s a right or wrong about this; it all depends on the artist’s, and the viewer’s, point of view. With or without meaningful titles, C.E. Morse’s work got my imagination going, especially his abstracts of rust and weathered paint. He has an eye for combinations of textures and colors that made me thirst for more.

I was happy to see some sand art there as well, though the patterns created by the tides on his beaches are quite a bit more subtle than the bold ones I find close to where I live.

C.E. Morse has a distinguished resume, having graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design. In his senior year at RISD, he studied with Aaron Siskind, who worked a lot with peeling paint and walls. Later, he studied with Paul Caponigro. C.E. has won multiple awards from international exhibitions, including the B&W Spider Awards and dozens of others.

For a visual delight, go to cemorsefineartphoto.com and go through the abstracts in his two portfolios. You won’t be disappointed.