For a couple of months, I've wondered what this beach would look like right after a good rainstorm. Today there was a perfect confluence of events - a low tide in the afternoon and a break in the drought from El Nino. The water from the morning's storm was still flooding onto the beach, the rich orange mud creating a great contrast with the color of the sand. The rocks there are beautiful, too -- rich hues of blue and green with yellow veins.

The first one is of a cement structure near the cliff walls. The rust is leeching through the concrete, and the white paint is all but gone. I flipped the image on its head, giving the sand the appearance of a dark, foreboding sky.

Here you can see an example of the blue rock with the yellow veins, with a touch of sand pattern thrown in for good measure.

The red seaweed creates a great contrast with the yellow and blue rock.

A bit of the muddy water from the storm drains makes its way down the blue rock.

The outline of a rock peering through the orange mud.

A little "mountain range" left by the receding tide.

The fast moving water breaks away the sand on the beach.

An orange waterfall from one of the main storm drains.

Another interesting sand pattern left by the tides.

And finally, the multi-colored bubbles in the foam from the waves, sparkling like tiny jewels.