After spending a couple of days at Freddy's Truck Farm, I discovered I had enough good photos to create a small photo book, consisting of black & white infrared "documentary" images, along with a dozen or so nice abstracts. When I presented the book to Freddy as a gift, he liked it so much that he ordered five more. But best of all, he called up his friend Rick, who has a big ranch a few miles away. Rick was gracious enough to let me roam the property at will, and it's a pretty large one. Not only that, but it's filled with what most people would call junk, but what I call "art in process."

To see all of the images, documentary as well as abstract, from this trip, go to the theme based portfolio called "Rick's Ranch."

On the way to the ranch, you see vistas like this one


It's close to Lake Morena, which has lost a lot of water due to the drought.


Of course, there are old trucks on the property. I think Freddy mentioned to me that one of them was his.

There's also an unbelievable amount of painted metal things, aging in the sun.

Lots of sheep . . .

and cows . . .

Rick, like Freddy, displays many of his rusting treasures as a form of art.

It was easy to spend an entire day here, and I plan to return.

And here are a few of the abstracts I produced on this journey, starting with one called "Alien Craft Comes in for a Landing."

To see the rest of the images from this "abstractomentary", go to the theme based portfolio - Rick's Ranch.